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A list of some reported names. Estimated number of casualties 43. Many were never recovered.
 Capt John Humble, age 57?
Captain of SS Forfarshire. Born in North Shields. Captained the steamer Neptune between Hull and Newcastle; Eclipse between Newcastle and Leith, then the Forfarshire, between Hull and Dundee. Drowned
Mrs Humble
Capt John Humble’s wife, travelling on-board. They had a married daughter, Ann, born in Blyth 1804. Also a son (a painting of Capt Humble with his son hangs in the Olde Ship Inn, Seahouses). Drowned
 Rev John Robb of Dunkeld, age 39
Born Lamington, Lanarkshire 23 September 1798. Ordained as minister at Dunkeld Cathedral 14 June 1834 where a plaque commemorates his death with these words: "To the memory of Rev John Robb, who on a voyage for the benefit of his health, perished by the wreck of the Forfarshire steamer off the Fern Islands." Died on the wreck. Buried in Bamburgh churchyard.
 Master James Dawson, age 7
Son of Mrs Sarah Dawson. Died from exposure on Harcar Rock. Buried in Bamburgh churchyard (unmarked grave).
Miss Matilda Dawson, age 5 
Daughter of Mrs Sarah Dawson. Died from exposure on Harcar Rock. Buried in Bamburgh churchyard (unmarked grave).
Mr John Gallaher (or Gallagher)
Steerage passenger, age 40. Originally from Ireland. Lived in Dundee His body was found in the wreck, three days later. Buried in Bamburgh churchyard (unmarked grave).
Mr William Douthy    
Crew member: Fireman. Washed up on shore three weeks and one day after the ship was wrecked. Body found near Monk’s House, between Seahouses and Bamburgh, prompting a second inquest. Buried in Bamburgh churchyard (unmarked grave).
 Uncle of Ruthven Ritchie
Mr Ritchie? Cabin passenger. Drowned
 Mr Bell 
Cabin passenger. Factor to Lord Kinnoul. Travelling with the Ritchies. Drowned
 Mrs Patrick from Hull                               
Cabin passenger. Wife of a master mariner. “Wife of Captain Patrick of the Clara”. 
Mrs Robert Alison of Dundee
(Listed as “Mrs Ellison, wife of the Comptroller of Dundee, Robert Ellison” on the Museum display board). “Of Peasholme, York” [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838] Drowned
 Mr Alison   
Son of Mrs Alison, father of Master Alison (or Ellison) “son of Robert Ellison” Drowned
 Master Alison
Son of Mr Alison, grandson of Mrs Alison (or Ellison) “grandson of Comptroller of Dundee”
 Mr Baxter
Cabin passenger. A ship master going to visit friends in Dundee. Drowned
 Mr Brown of Perth
Cabin passenger. Presumed to be son of Mr Brown, ship-builder, Dundee. Drowned
 Mr J McLeod of Glasgow
Cabin passenger. Partner in McLeod & Davidson. Drowned
 “Mr MacLeod” 
Cabin passenger. Manufacturer of Glasgow. SAME AS ABOVE? OR RELATED?
 Mr John Arnot 
Cabin passenger.  Farmer from Craigie Park, Perth and Pittacher Farm, Crieff. Married Margaret Dick on 8 January 1808. Drowned 
 Mr James Perston of Glasgow 
Cabin passenger. A descendant has contacted with this information: Born in Glasgow in 1800. Partner in Perston, Bannatyne, Moir & Company, Glasgow, muslin manufacturers. James had a young family. His brother, Andrew, married Daft Smith Churchill's sister, Mary Cartwright Churchill. Drowned 
 Daft Smith Churchill of Nottingham 
Cabin passenger. Manufacturer, age 44. Related by marriage to fellow casualty, James Perston, his sister married James' brother, Andrew Perston. His remains were washed ashore and are interred in a family vault in Nottingham Cemetery. (A film of his Monument can be seen on YouTube which states he was a hosiery manufacturer in the 1830’s in Nottingham.) 
 Miss Martin of Aberdeen, and one child
Of 28 St James’s Street, Aberdeen. This lady had considerable property on her person; it is said 300 sovereigns, in some part of her dress.” Presumed drowned. [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838]
 John Duncan of Balbrogie, Perthshire
Passenger or crew (a descendant has contacted with photos of a family memorial erected in 1842 in the churchyard at Coupar Angus, Perthshire) Drowned.  Photos: John Duncan Memorial - kindly supplied by Arthur Duncan (a descendant).
 John Grant of Louth, Lincolnshire
(Buried) Embleton. 4 October 1838. “A body apparently of a gentleman supposed to have been on board the steam vessel Forfarshire. His linen was marked ‘J.G.’”  [This information from George Carter’s google site: ‘Soldiers Sailors and Strangers Burials 1800 –‘]                                                       
 William Grant of Louth, Lincolnshire
Presumably a relative of the above. [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838]
 Mr Scott of Dundee 
Drowned [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838]
 Master Scott, age 7
Son of the above. Drowned. [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838]
 “Mr & Mrs Allen and one child”  
“Said to be from Russia” [from ‘Chronicles Of The Sea’ Oct 6, 1838] Both drowned.         
“The body of a man unknown”
(Buried) Warkworth 23 October 1838. “Supposed to belong to the steam boat Forfarshire, wrecked on the Fern Islands. Age not known”  [This information from George Carter’s google site: ‘Soldiers Sailors and Strangers Burials 1800 –‘]
 George Black of Tayport, Fife
Headstone, discovered by Samuel Simms, a postgraduate student at the University of Dundee in 2016 . Previously unknown, we can now add George Black to the list of confirmed casualites. We have yet to confirm his status as passenger or crew . .  Click thumbnail photo ( supplied by Samuel Simms with thanks ) to expand the detail.
  Unknown male
Crew: Steward
  Unknown female
Crew: Stewardess
  Unknown male
Cabin passenger, Russian
  Unknown male
Passenger or Crew? Cast ashore near Green Hill Rocks (south of Bamburgh) 
  Unknown male
Passenger or Crew? Cast ashore near Green Hill Rocks (south of Bamburgh) 
 “Also 4 possible unknown casualties”
Passengers or Crew? 
John Duncan of Balbrogie 2
John Duncan of Balbrogie 1