'Grace' feature film trailer by www.GraceDarling.co.uk /  Longstone Productions
We are seeking film and production partners to develop our screenplay treatment / TV documentary outlines for the "True Story Of Grace Darling". We have also completed a concept trailer with original music in support of the written material ( see above ).
Our interpretation develops the human aspects of the Grace Darling story beyond the historical events of 1838 and the wreck of the vessel Forfarshire in the Farne Islands.
The early Victorian age sees the rapid spread of communication by road, rail and the wider circulation of newspapers. The story quickly spreads through the nation and, by steamship, across the world. Our vision examines the influence of the media and the toll it takes on the remaining four years of Grace's short life.
From the man in the street to the Duke of Wellington and the royal throne itself, Grace is acknowledged and elevated to saintly status. From Humane Societies to money-driven profiteers she is coerced and manipulated. Pursued by artists and would-be suitors, she is offered protection from the surprising source of a duke and duchess.
How does Grace, a shy and unassuming girl deal with this relentless attention? 
We invite discussion with parties interested in Grace, regarding the next stage of development.
Her tragic death at 26 left a legacy that inspired many and galvanised support for the future RNLI.
This is the story of Grace Darling, Victorian heroine who captures the hearts and minds of a nation,
Grace.  A true story that reaches out to us today.
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