Grace Darling
Grace Darling
Grace Darling
Grace Darling
09 July 2016 - becomes the world's number one online resource !
We are very proud to announce that we have now had over 500,000 page views since 2011. It seems
the story does indeed still have a resonance with a wide audience today.  We must thank all those
institutions, schools, interest groups, historical and educational sites, and many individuals
who have linked to the site and supported our research.
Many thanks indeed.
Grace Darling
9 October 2012  - 
A SONG FOR GRACE   -  Competition Winners.
Over the last few weeks dozens of new songs inspired by the North East heroine Grace Darling have been pouring in to the Woodhorn museum in Northumberland. The songs from writers all over the country were entries into a special competition organised by the museum and archive and linked to the new play Amazing Grace by Tyneside-based writers Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood.
24 July 2013
On the 10th of August 2013 Carol will be embarking on a Wee Walk of the UK in support of the inspiring work of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).
The Challenge is to walk the full length of the UK, not only Lands End to John O’Groats, but to continue across Orkney and Shetland. Enroute she will be visiting 43 RNLI stations and climbing the highest peaks of England, Wales and Scotland (Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis).
All funds raised will be donated to the RNLI, who are raising funds to mark the 175th anniversary of Grace Darling's famous rescue. This money is to be used for training, kit and equipment for the RNLI’s courageous volunteers. Her personal target is to raise £20,000 for their cause.
Please support Carol on her Wee Walk and help raise as much money for this worthy cause as possible. Please remember to add Gift Aid if you are able!
More info here:  &
24th November 1815. Birthday of Grace Darling. 
2015 marks 200 years since the birth of Grace Darling. will continue raising awareness and promoting
the story of Grace during this bi-centenary year. We hope the event
will receive the media coverage it deserves.
Grace Darling
23 January 2015
Grace on BBC2
“I am humbled by the courage of a Victorian heroine”
(Michael Portillo’s programme introduction)
Michael Portillo’s latest ‘Great British Railway Journeys’ television series featured Grace Darling, with reference to Broadcast on BBC2 on 23 January, Portillo travelled by boat from Seahouses to Longstone Lighthouse to learn about the famous rescue by Grace and her father in 1838 that sent the name “Grace Darling, heroine” around the world. Boundless Productions, part of Freemantle Media Ltd, produced the programme last summer, using this website to research the story for which we were credited at the end of the programme.
Like all ‘Great British Railway Journeys’ programmes this will ultimately be broadcast many times, in many different countries. We are pleased to have played a part in spreading the story of Grace Darling to a wide audience.
24 November  2015
In November visited Bamburgh on the occasion of
the bi-centenary of the birth of Grace Darling.
On 24 November 1815 Grace was born in her grandfather’s small cottage opposite St Aidan’s Church. Two hundred years later to the day Christine Bell from the Grace Darling Memorial Trust met with us at the memorial in St Aidan’s churchyard and laid a lovely floral arrangement on behalf of the Trust.
09 August 2016
The Life of Grace Darling (Illustrated)
It's been two long years in development but we are now thrilled to be able to announce the publication of our own
ground-breaking book about Grace!  Why ground-breaking?  It features 28 full page original watercolours painted by a post-graduate of Goldsmith's College who also happens to be a descendant of the Darling family. The book also covers areas of the story far beyond the famous sea rescue.
The First Edition is a special limited print run of just 250 copies, The book is now available direct from
Buy direct from Amazon

31 January 2019
The Life of Grace Darling (Illustrated) - Revised Edition 2, Hardback
Following the success of our large-format limited edition book, The Life of Grace Darling Illustrated, we are pleased to announce that we have responded to demand by producing a revised, smaller-format version: an attractive A5 hardback edition is now available.
Each double page layout develops this remarkable story and features a stunning full size illustration by Moira Pagan, bringing to life the dramatic events.
The Life of Grace Darling Illustrated has been referenced by the major television companies, by magazines and authors who have all taken inspiration from our book.
This new handy-sized, 60 page quality publication makes a delightful present, something to treasure for years to come; an accurate and dramatic portrait of a great Victorian heroine.
Now available through this website, through Amazon Books and Northern Heritage.
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25th July 2019
Grace Darling story goes Stateside !
We are thrilled to report a 3 page article about the Grace Darling story has just been published in the American
magazine " Piecework" which has a very large readership across the pond !  Many thanks to the editor, Jeane Hutchins
for her enthusiasm for the website and book too.
Read the article yourself by downloading it for free here . . or order your own copy of the magazine. They ship worldwide.
Click to download the article
15th November 2019
New e-book available on Amazon Kindle
A new e-book, ‘My Name is Grace Darling’, is now available as an Amazon Kindle download.  Written as if in Grace’s own words, it gives a lively first-person account of her brave rescue and the frenzy of fame which followed.  The 57-page e-book, with its 28 beautiful colour illustrations, is by author Geraldine Terry and artist Moira Pagan.  The friends first became inspired by Grace Darling’s story when, as students, they spent a summer working in Bamburgh.  Their e-book is aimed at children aged between 9 and 12 years old, but it is also suitable for older readers intrigued by this unlikely Victorian heroine.  Find out more here, or you can purchase the download, price £3.95, here.
This fictional first-person account of the Grace Darling story is not associated
with the authors of
Grace Darling
16th November 2019
RNLI review of our book 'The Life of Grace Darling'
We are delighted to see a review of the book in the new RNLI 'Lifeboat'
magazine. Many thanks to the RNLI. 
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Grace Darling, a young woman who became
a Victorian- era celebrity after helping rescue nine stranded survivors from a shipwreck in 1838.
This well-researched and lovingly created book covers Grace's childhood, growing up in a lighthouse
on the Northumberland coast, the dramatic rescue and the difficulties of living with her newfound fame.
The wonderful watercolours and photographs bring Grace's story to life, Whether you're 8 or 80. you'll
enjoy her story - courage is timeless, after all.
Available in hardback from Amazon here.
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